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5 great gift ideas for sauna-lovers

Dec 15, 2017 5:32:57 AM




Throwing water at the sauna heater is an important part of the sauna ritual. Give your loved on some everyday luxury, in the form of a beautiful sauna bucket to enhance the overall experience of their time in the sauna. You can choose between a number of styles and materials.

 bucket_heloblog (kopia).jpg



A sauna is a place for relaxation and tranquility.  Help create that feeling with new and fresh seat covers, towels, wash linens, and comfy bathrobes. This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the sauna. New textiles is the easiest way to give your bathroom and sauna a makeover.


sauna_towel_heloblog (kopia).jpg


Exfoliating is an important part of any cleansing session, and scrubbing when the skin is wet and warm from the sauna is extra effective. Give your near and dear ones the perfect tool for a well-earned back scrub!



Thermometers and hygrometers

These gauges will help you achieve the ideal sauna environment, through monitoring temperature and humidity.  Some units are a combination of thermometer and hygrometer, and will make excellent gift for the ambitious sauna bather. Choose between traditional brass finish or more contemporary designs, depending on the taste of the happy recipient.




A nice backrest enhances the comfort of your sauna session, providing support for your back or your neck as you lean back to relax in the heat. No more need to roll a towel for back support - a dedicated backrest is both more stylish and more comfortable. Choose between a classic style or an ergonomic model.