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BWT - a new era in the history of sauna

Aug 15, 2016 6:51:03 AM


Do you love the dry heat of a traditional sauna? Or do you prefer high humidity at a lower temperature? With the new BWT-sauna you don’t have to choose.


HELO has pioneered the sauna industry for almost a hundred years, and with the new BWT concept we raise the bar even higher. BWT stands for Bio Water Technique and these three letters represents a new era in sauna history. BWT allows you to enjoy several sauna therapies using a single heater.

If you are a fan of hot and dry sauna, the BWT will provide it. If a more steamy and softer experience is preferred, just fill up the water tank of your BWT sauna and set the temperature at a lower level for a more hammam-like atmosphere. To enhance the experience even more, you can add aromatic oils or himalayan salt to the special aroma compartment of the BWT sauna. This will give scent and flavor to the steam, taking the concept of relaxation to a completely new level.

The HELO BWT is a cost effective and highly energy efficient sauna solution. It requires less power to produce heat, and steam is generated without any auxiliary power or technology. One ingenious sauna solution allows you to enjoy all your favorite sauna experiences from one single sauna and steam solution. The innovative yet low-tech approach taken when developing BWT has resulted in a sauna heater that keeps CO2 emissions to a minimum and your pleasure at a maximum.

Would you like your sauna to be versatile, easy to use and clean, cost efficient and energy efficient? We would love to get in touch and tell you more about our products and our BWT-ready sauna solutions!


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