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BWT - revolutionising the sauna industry

Mar 30, 2017 7:14:00 AM

How do you like your sauna? Hot and dry? Cooler and on the humid side? Or maybe it depends on your mood? There really is no need to choose - with our latest invention BWT (Bio Water Technique) you get to enjoy all the benefits using the same device.


With BWT from Helo you get access to a wide range of different sauna experiences in the same solution. You can easily adapt everything from temperature to humidity to you needs and preferences, so that the whole family can enjoy the sauna the way they want. The BWT technology increases your options and provides unique flexibility.                 

BWT is a cost efficient and energy efficient sauna solution that generates just the right amount of steam without any auxiliary power or added technology. It’s an intelligent sauna solution that keeps CO” emissions to a minimum and your pleasure at a maximum. A sauna that changes with you.

Gentle sauna

Add water to BWT-container, set temperature to:


  • Gentle sauna
  • Enveloping steam
  • Longer sessions
  • Bio-aroma available



Fill BWT water container and set temperature to:


  • More humidity
  • Lower temperature
  • A gentle sauna experience
  • Bio-aroma available


Hot & dry sauna

Use BWT without water and set temperature to:


  • High temperature
  • Low humidity
  • Intense sauna sensation