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Comfortable and classy - the perfect sauna experience

Feb 16, 2015 12:23:00 PM
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Himalaya mountains Helo heater sauna

A sauna as classy and comfortable as your living room? A heater with sculptural qualities that makes it a feast for the eyes?  Combine our Himalaya heater with our Seaside range from HELO Deco to create an ultra modern, elegant and highly unique sauna experience.



himalaya helo sauna heater

Himalaya. The name of the legendary mountain range means home of the snow, and the secret of HELOs Himalaya heater lies in the natural water cycle as well. This heater conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna cabin while the heater is warming the room. This means the sauna is very quickly filled with a soft steam, so that when you enter the air is already pleasantly humid and warm. With this technology, the sauna experience is highly enjoyable and relaxing even at lower temperatures around 65-70 degrees, making it easier for children to enjoy the sauna as well. 


seaside sauna bench helo

Seaside. The Seaside bench line is one of our most luxurious design ranges. The living room-like ambiance offers fantastic surroundings for a leisurely sauna bath at home and also lends itself perfectly to professional hospitality purposes. The extra wide and deep benches are ergonomically designed resulting in a comfort that is unique. This brings added value to the sauna and the use of space becomes more versatile - these sofas are so comfortable you might actually find yourself withdrawing here even when the sauna heater is not even turned on! The Seaside line is custom-made and can be adapted to each new space.

Are you looking for a sauna experience that is truly something out of the ordinary?

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