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Sauna as a sinus soother

Oct 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

This time of year is the season of common colds, sneezing and snifly, running noses. Sauna bathing is an old and popular method for relieving sinus pressure, without having to use chemical treatments.


The sense of relief experienced from steam bathing, is usually due to the fact that steam has a widening effect on the nasal passages. This enables more effective draining of the sinuses, which lowers that annoying and sometimes even painful pressure.

Even if you are using medical treatments for you sinus problems, sauna bathing and steam baths can be used as a complement. If you are using medication, just make sure to continue taking it as prescribed along with your sauna and steam sessions.

Warm and soothing sauna baths can help opening up the nasal passages, enabling mucus to be drained out. Steam treatments can be combined with medicinal pain relievers and antibiotics, and will also provide sore and aching muscles with welcome relief and relaxation.