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Sauna can improve impaired insulin sensitivity

May 28, 2017 3:43:00 AM

Diabetes is a serious illness affecting the lives of many people. New research indicates that the regular use of thermal therapy, saunas or hot baths can have beneficial effects for people suffering from impaired insulin sensitivity.Health.jpg

Research shows that regular thermal therapy, using saunas or hot baths, has the potential to improve impaired insulin sensitivity, and heat therapy seems to have effects similar to those of aerobic training, efficiently promoting vascular health. Previous clinical reports has suggested that hot baths can be beneficial for diabetic control, and also that sauna therapy can both decrease blood pressure in essential hypertension and provide symptomatic benefit in congestive heart failure. This means that thermal therapy might be viewed as an alternative to exercise training in patients that are too physically impaired for significant aerobic activity


The full study on this interesting subject can be accessed here.


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