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Sauna use can increase metabolism

Apr 13, 2017 4:35:05 AM

Did you know that the deep sweating achieved in the sauna can help your body burn calo­ries?



The site Live Strong states that sauna use can help the body burn more fat and that it thus can aid in weight loss, if combined with exer­cise and a healthy diet. Most of the immediate weight loss will obviously be due to sweat­ing out the water from your body - weight that will be replaced when you rehy­drate.  But in the long run, saunas can provide you with an addi­tional way to actually improve and raise your metab­o­lism - a great alternative to unhealthy quick fix diets. By con­di­tioning your body and improving your lung capac­ity saunas has been proven to increase user’s car­dio­vas­cu­lar per­for­mance, which in turn leads to improv­ed metabolism. By having effects that are in many ways similar to those of physical exercise, regular sauna use is a great way to amp up the effects of your regular exercise routine. Just make sure to always drink plenty of water after each session!


What is metabolism?

Metab­o­lism is the name of the chem­i­cal process your body goes through to con­vert the food you eat into energy for every part of your body to func­tion. The more energy your body needs, the higher your metab­o­lism and con­versely; the less energy your body needs, the lower your metab­o­lism.