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Saunatonttu - the best sauna in the world

Mar 4, 2016 7:53:00 AM

Saunatonttu helo sauna heater

The quantity of rocks is massive; no less than 100 kg. This, in combination with the insulation, means that the heat can be stored and that you can have your sauna on stand-by, always ready for you. Just lift the lid and the heat is on!

Named after the sauna spirits of ancient Finnish tradition, the HELO Saunatonttu is our most potent and advanced heater. With a unique combination of insulation and a large mass of rocks, the Saunatonttu is always on stand-by. Whenever you feel like a sauna, the Saunatonttu is ready for you - warm and welcoming.

Traditionally, the Finnish sauna is almost considered a sacred place. There are rules to be followed, and the general attitude is one of respect and quietude. It is considered rude to swear in the sauna, a rule that applies even in company that usually swears a lot. Hygien is an important part of the sauna ceremony as well, and it is custom to wash thoroughly both at the start and the end of the sauna session. Conversation in the sauna should be calm and relaxed; arguments and controversial topics such as politics are usually avoided. The sauna is a place where everybody mixes on equal terms and it is rare to use titles or other honorifics in the sauna. In Finnish folklore, the sauna is also the home of the sauna-elf, a spirit of the sauna; saunatonttu in Finnish.

HELO, in collaboration with world renowned designer Ristomatti Ratia, has created the ultimate sauna heater. Named after the sauna spirit, the HELO Saunatonttu incorporates several patented features as well as superb European design. With its combination of cutting edge technology, quality and design, we consider Saunatonttu to be the best sauna heater in the world. The secret of Saunatonttu’s uniqueness lies in the constant heat that is retained by the large quantity of rocks (ca. 100 kgs) within the super-insulated heater. Because Saunatonttu is so well insulated it is capable of storing the heat generated by the small standby power (300W). Being a storage heater, Saunatonttu makes it possible to have a sauna session whenever you prefer without having to plan or preheat the sauna. The HELO Saunatonttu saves you time, money and energy, while providing a sauna experience out of the ordinary.  

Do you like the idea of a sauna that literally take no time to heat? We would love to get in touch and tell you more about our products! 


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