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Treat yourself to a Facial Massage in the Sauna

Nov 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

How’s your glow, nowadays? Summer and tanned skin is far away, and soon winter will be here with harsh weather, runny noses and dry skin. But no worries - we’ve got you covered! Sauna is step number one in keeping up an all year round glow that beats even a day at the beach. And step number two? Facial massages!


To leave the sauna super-relaxed and extra invigorated, try adding  gentle facial massage to you routine. Bring a mildly scented facial oil with you in the sauna, and start with freshly cleansed skin and clean hands. Apply the oil to your face, and while it’s absorbing - start the massage.

How to give yourself a facial massage

You will get the most pleasant experience if you use both hands at the same time and do both sides of your face simultaneously.  

  1. Start by placing your index, middle and ring fingers at the top of the neck, just below your ears. Apply gentle pressure and drag your fingers down the neck until you hit the collarbone. Repeat five to ten times before moving on.

  2. With your thumb and index finger in a light pinching formation, start in the center of your chin. Use  the pad of your thumb to push up into your jawbone, with your index finger resting a few centimeters above it. Gently drag your fingers out toward the earlobes along the jaw bone, keeping that slight pinch the whole time so it’s almost like you’re lightly gripping the jawbone. Repeat five to ten times.

  3. Now use your index and middle fingers to form a peace sign,  with the pads of the fingers facing you. Rotate the peace signs so they bracket your mouth. Apply gentle pressure and move your fingers out toward the edge of your face, pulling up slightly at the end. Repeat five to ten times.

  4. With your middle finger, gently press into the eyebrow bone at the inner edge of the eyebrow. Slowly trace the eyebrow out to the temple. Repeat five to ten times.

  5. Place the palm of your hands on your head so that your fingers hang over your forehead. From the center of your eyebrows, sweep the fingers up the forehead to the hairline and back. You can even lightly run your fingers through the hair for a mini-scalp massage. Repeat five to ten times.

  6. Start in the center of the forehead, and sweep the fingers out toward the temple. Repeat five to ten times.

  7. Using all fingers except your thumbs, start in the center of your forehead and bring your fingers up to your hair. Sweep the fingers along your hairline, out and down toward the temples, behind your ears and down the sides of your neck.

  8. Open your eyes - you’re done!